How I made my 1st dollar online

how I made my 1st dollar online

How I made my 1st dollar online

How I made my 1st dollar online

Amazingly, I was into website builds never was a gamer but websites amazed me. From my first domain name to my last has always been fun in one way or another. You read all the time “find a niche market” a niche market can be anything memes are a niche market.

Next is monetizing your website, and you may wonder what that means? It’s simply finding a way to generate money online through your website.

Let’s take memesart and use that as an example.

Memes are popular in 2016 they are all on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Digg and even Yahoo news. Figuring out a way to make money with memes are tricky and here is why.

• There isn’t any content but just silly cartoon like comics. Although if your website is generating enough traffic, then you could put advertisements on the site somewhere.

• You could use memesart as a service creating memes for businesses or individual people as commercials for them to advertise their blogs etc.

• The real trick is generating enough traffic to the website, how are you going to do that the CHEAP way? Advertising is possible but will you get your money back? Free advertising is an excellent way to go but if you ask your friends to share it and have their friends share it are only going to be few and far between.

Back to how I made my 1st dollar online


I went to the University of Phoenix got a bachelor’s degree in IT/software engineering and completely suck as software, why did I do that? Who knows… But, I stayed in school and received my Masters in Business Administration for those who don’t know what that is, and it’s called an MBA. Some people think it’s a great degree and categories you by placing you into a “smart” class (that was almost programming language). I hate working for others who are making money off of me, to me it doesn’t make sense! I would rather show you how you can work from home and make money while raising kids and spending quality time with you significant other.

I do have four kids, a girlfriend and I can honestly say I am making a comfortable living at home. I can go to the ocean just about anytime I want. I can also do things during the day that I want to get done, such as leaving to do ANYTHING at ANY TIME.

I mentioned above memesart as an example. Right now I want YOU to go to Godaddy and just open their page. Once you have that tab opened come back here and complete the next exercise.

Now think of something that you can make or do even if it’s exercising.

If you are a person who does like to exercise and you do it regularly, then you can provide a service. The next step is to create a domain name. How you do that is create something that is memorable, short, sweet and to the point. You can use your name if you want to start to brand your name. An example of a suitable domain name would be freakishlyfit. Not sure if you’re aware of how many people on Instagram use pics to show how freakishly fit they are, but they’re a lot.

Once you have chosen a name, then buy it.


Remember you will need hosting, and you will want a platform to run your site on, I recommend WordPress, but you can set it up for DNN, Joomla, or whatever you want to build your website on.

Also, for SEO purposes you will need a (https) that costs too.

Once you have all the above set up you are nearly almost ready to start your website build. There are free themes that WordPress offers that I like. WordPress does offer the costly ones that are called “premium WordPress themes.” The cost on that varies between $10-$125 from what I have seen.

The fun begins by building your site, adding content, pictures, and videos.

If you are my fellow University of Phoenix friends, I would like to help you out, email me ( and let me know if you are going to school or an Alumni, I want you to succeed.

dollarWhen I made my 1st dollar online, it felt amazing, and I wanted to cry with excitement. It was cracking the online code that most have difficulties doing. My budget was ZERO, and all I did was focused on the search engines and ways to bring people to my site. Yes, there were many things that I had to learn and do with the analytics of Google and Bing. It dawned on me that Google is one of the largest scam artists out there and will throttle your website where you only get 99 visits a day if searches are coming from Google (if you do not spend with them, this is my experience so far). That is still work in progress for me to figure out.

Generating money from your website is awesome. When you have your credit card gateway set up, and people are entering their credit card number in on your site, and you see the dollars adding up, the feeling is euphoric. I want you to feel the same thing, which is my next euphoria. My goal is helping others feel the experience that I had but at a much faster pace.

Quick recap and steps


• Create a domain name and set up hosting

• choose a website platform

• Set up https

• Build a website

• Figure out how you are going to monetize your site by either Ads, eCommerce or setting up a service.

• Create a merchant gateway

• SEO and advertise your site (SEO is a lot of work and is not an overnight thing to do)

• Generate your first $