How I turned $600 into $1200

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How I turned $600 into $1200

One of the most complicated things in doubling your money is not knowing the unknown. If you were good at doubling, then you would be like my buddy Jimmy who can go to the horse track with $25 bucks and bet it all on a horse and walk out three races later with $250. Now that is a job I would be doing if I knew how to bet on horses.

Think about it. You go to a horse track, order a rum and coke sit back and watch a race. He told me that he doesn’t feel like he’s betting with real money. He also said he doesn’t stress about the cash whether or not he wins or loses. He also said it’s more of a fun thing for him just to do.

crash course seoMost of us are simply are NOT that lucky, and a few people only gamble when they think they have a for sure win.

I will tell you a story on my gamble that I was lucky enough to have won.


I got fired from a just over broke position (job), I was more tired of working for some asshole that was making a shit ton of money and he could care less who was helping him make it. After I had walked out of that place, I knew I had an excellent service to offer, and I knew that I wanted to sink all my time in building the website to make it happen.

My site wasn’t perfect, and my perfectionistic ways kept me behind the PC working to strive for perfection.

I am a sales guy and a decent one, sometimes I don’t push as hard as I should, but the one thing I know is sales. I’ve sold shit to homeowners convincing them that one top soil was better than others. How did I do that? I only said that there was a higher nitrate in the bag that I was selling and it was going to be better for their yard. Sometimes when you say something is better than something else in a convincing way others tend to gravitate to it.

Okay so you may be wondering how I turned $600 into $1200


I did what any reasonable person would have done I created a website I found something I was excellent at which was a service that people wanted and needed. The major objective that I had to overcome is when someone doesn’t know technology like they may think they do, it takes some convincing.

Here is an example, you have a service that you are incredibly great at, let us call it basket weaving. You are so kick ass at it that when you try to explain how good you are to others who haven’t seen you do it they want to rebuttal you and belittle you saying even though you are good at making baskets others can do it cheaper and with machines that can do it better. Of course, that is going to piss you off. Right? I know it would me, in fact, it has pissed me off, I’ve been in that situation.

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What I am trying to explain to you is, I kind of know what I am talking about. You may even be thinking right now in this present time “what the hell does this basket weaving shit have to do with $600 into $1200.” I say it has everything to do with it.

low-hanging-fruitNow I am going to show you an example of a website that you have and maybe you created. Ask yourself this. How many people call you on a regular basis saying I found your name and number online?

If you are one of the people, who are getting phone calls from online and from your site. Good job! If you are one of those who has no clue and is wondering “wow” you have never even thought about that, then you are the one’s that I want to talk to. Yes, it is possible to have calls coming from your website. Yes, people can have leads generated from their site. Yes, it takes work and tuning like a car’s motor and yes just because I wanted to say yes.

Here is what I want you to do, click on this Click me for a website analysis  and run an analysis on your website and then come back to this page for further instructions.

Low-hanging-fruit, what did you notice? IF you let it cycle all the way through and you didn’t notice anything go back to the page and scroll to the bottom you will see your website page there and then you can click on it to see the screen print.

Back to the story. Regardless you have work to do on it. You have to SEO your website, add content and focus paying for advertisements to get the traffic to your site and sales up! Period!

On the other hand, I am doing organic low hanging fruit, I spend less on advertisements, and more time writing my stupid blogs for you to read. If you only took $600.00 and let me create your Ad’s, tune your site, you just may see or notice that your phone could start ringing from leads generated from the web.

Don’t hesitate and take your chance at doubling your moneydollar

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Here is what you can expect after making a payment. If you had your last $600 and are trusting our company to make you money, then you have placed a bet at the right place. No one will work harder for you to help double your money! That is a fact!!!

Now you will get a phone call us, and yes, we are in the United States, and you will be speaking to a person with excellent English skills and an American accent.

Please be ready for the phone call, and sitting behind your PC. We will run an analysis to see if your analytic is installed Bing and Google on your site. Once we have determined that we will go page by page with you through a webinar a screen share that way you can see what we are talking about when it comes to on-page SEO. Next, we will be allocating your marketing dollars to help bring traffic in until your website is SEO’ed and organic traffic directed to your site. Paid Ad’s are an overnight success if the Ad’s done correctly. That is why it is critical to have the analytic installed on your site. Also, organic traffic is not an overnight success, that does take time, but it’s still a race.