December 2022


How to begin a website and SEO it

Amazingly, we as people always want the next best thing regardless of whatever it is. Think about technology And where it was, to where it is now. Think about where it will be when you arrive in your later years.

One has to ask themselves, why not start now! The cool thing about a website is that it’s your storefront what you put in it, what you use it for, what you sell within it, is all up to you!

It’s crazy to think about how the website operates and gets out in front of millions of people and all you have to do is put a little effort in it for people to see it.

You’re either selling your services, products, or create your own story with a blog! Whatever you choose to do with it is all up to you.
What is the first step of a website? How do you even get a domain name, where do I start?

Domain names, how to, what to and where to go

Sounds pretty crazy, pretty complicated and pretty not so straightforward!
Here’s something to get you started, you simply think of a name that you would like to use for a .com, go to and type the domain name that you thought of in the search box that they provide. Now see if it’s been taken!

It’s been taken no problem!

Think of something else and then buy that one. Once you figured out your domain name which is the first step of creating a website. You will then call Go Daddy and get your server set up.

One you have your server set up and you choose what kind of website theme you want you can go to Envanto marketplace find something on theme forest and then upload a WordPress site or pay somebody to do it for you… Time is money! Whatever you choose is the choice of starting your storefront.

Crash Course SEO

Let’s take for instance crash course SEO listen to the sound of our domain, what this website is called?,

it’s straightforward!

Crash course SEO most people not understand what SEO is or do anything about it on their website.

Our website is and it still will be a website where we teach people how to do SEO on their site, what content needs to be added, what you need to do to get your website in front of others.

We are a consultant group!

Social Media, SEO, Website design

Nowadays their is social media, that’s an easy way to get your website in front of others.

Here is another example, have keywords meta-tags, content snippet, H2 tags with in a website this should relate to the topic of whatever post or page you created

Once all that’s done then Google is going to run their algorithm and index the page. Google also has a way where you can do a force index. Also, thinking about it, that’s a well known kept secret.

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