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Welcome To CrashCourseSEO.com (Crash Course Search Engine Optimization) our history starts out with Business Development Manager Scott Enrico who was working a sales position selling managed services B2B. Scott who is highly energetic and always passionate about whatever it is he is doing at the time kept going to his “boss” recommending ways that the company can be generating leads online.

Scott with his best intentions kept getting shut down. Until one day the frustration set in he decided that when talking with a co-worker Scott said to him that he should be doing Crash Course lessons in SEO and that is when his light bulb turned on. Scott didn’t waste any time and bought the URL CrashCourseSEO.com and started to build the site. Within two weeks he had it up and running, and SEO’d but his next jump was to leave the company and do things the way he wanted to do them, and without hesitation, he left the company and ventured off on his own.

All it took was a service to offer, and Scott knew how to do cold calls, and within two months Scott had his first account. It was a MedSpa closing on this contract alone he was able to work from home, finish his MBA and be a father without working for someone who didn’t value his recommendations, knowledge and expertise.  Long story short, CrashCourseSEO.com has taught many people the value of SEO and has helped many companies bring in large amounts of revenue through organic traffic, PPC and Social media let alone brand recognition.



Do you know the right way to improve your website for maximizing results? We sure do! 🙂

KEYWORD TARGETING Let us do the Research and Keyword Targeting to gain the traffic for you.

TECHNICAL SERVICE Our Technical Service is our expertise, let us do it so you can do yours.

SUPPORT CENTER Our Support Center is hands down the best, only because we help you understand what it is that you need to know.

GET A PRESENCE On the Front Page of Google! We KNOW you’ve heard that in the past, so what we hand pick our clients who understand SEO tactics and want online marketing. We Monitor keyword rankings daily to strategies and forecast your digital marketing efforts. We track tens of thousands of keywords and manage valuable key terms with statistical data sheets and mining. Analyzing rankings also allows you to keep an eye on the results we do for you which allows for a comparison with your keyword performance and focus. We always return e-mails and calls within one business day.Afordable pricing offers.[/imgitem] Our Clients Want
Do you want to improve the online visibility of your brand and drive more relevant traffic to your website?


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