Link Building 101

Link building 101 is a very important part of SEO. WHY? Because, it’s one way Google helps rank your website as if it were a popularity contest the more links the heavier your site becomes which allows for higher rankings in the search engine. It took me a while to catch on to this but once I did and completely understood the method then smooth sailing.

My Job Is to help make you understand link building

You have a website and you take pride in it because it is yours, right? You have the braggin rights to say you have a kick ass website. Now, even though you have a website and  maybe 10 pages, those ten pages are very light weight and has very little credibility. Naturally, they will be further down in the searches IF you SEO’d the pages correctly. WE or I will assume you did.

Let’s add some weight to those pages shall we?

For example we will take this page that you are reading from and even though it is SEO’d half ass more than likely it will fall into the rankings under “Link Building 101. Naturally this page will be alot further down because there are some heavy weights that are way more popular than mine which means, you will have to go to the 10th page 6th spot to organically find my page. Take for instance that I wrote a kick ass post that made it to Forbs or CNN or I don’t know Yahoo news then you best believe this post will be at the top of the search results under “Link Building 101.


Look to your left do you see those links? Of course you do! I simply added their site to my page and emailed asking them to link to my site. I showed them the url in the email where their site is on my site in hopes he would do the same for me. They will or should it only helps each other.  If they do not link to your site within a few days maybe a week email them back and ask them nicely again and see if you get a response. If you do not get a response or a link of yours on their page then take theirs off and go to the next site and repeat the process.

This is what I want you to do right now. SEE my comment section below add your link there

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