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Our Conception

Crash Course SEO started out in a brainstorm of thoughts or more so diarrhea of thoughts spewing from the mouth when talking to a colleague  at work. It was like a marathon race to see if the domain was taken. The sounds of click, tick, bam and pow as fingers punching they keyboard only racing to hit enter. To my surprise the domain was not taken! Excitement and adrenaline showered the blood of my body.  We went running door to door, people saying no’s to owners of businesses saying yes please explain the concept of SEO to us.

Our concept all of a sudden became working business, this felt like fun and was not considered work to us. But more so,  we were teaching and educating the lack of SEO “search engine optimization” knowledge of what online store fronts/businesses were and how the search engine worked.

The fun had begun!

Eight years later and still going strong, we are still the best kept secret of winning the companies online results and placing companies in the front of peoples monitors.

We GUARANTEE 1-Hour Response Time To Network Emergencies

When your website goes down in the middle of a busy work day, you need it fixed immediately so your potential customers  aren’t sitting around pecking they keyboard looking for your competitors website! No need to loose a potential sales deal and in the hopes of waiting for your potential customer rs to come back.  As a client of ours, we guarantee to respond to any crisis within 1 hour of your call, if not sooner.

Note: The web is a twenty-four-hour business, and for that reason we understand the importance of websites and the embarrassing mishaps that can happen of a website going down, a misspelled word, or broken website link. WE strongly agree in the “you only get one chance to make the right impression.” You can’t go wrong with a business who believes in that!

We GUARANTEE To Provide You With The Most Cost-Effective Solution To Your Problem Or we’ll Refund The Difference$

As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of keeping overhead and costs to a minimum. That’s why I require that all of our technicians are trained to find the least expensive solution to your problem without sacrificing quality.

If you find a better, more cost effective solution than the one we provided you, simply show it to us and we will happily refund you the difference.

We can boldly make this guarantee because I am certain that we never over-charge clients for expensive upgrades, hardware, and solutions that aren’t 100% necessary.

We GUARANTEE to solve your website problem right the first time to your satisfaction or it’s FREE.

A money-back guarantee is unheard of for website support companies, and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone else who dares to offer one.

We can offer this with total confidence because we take extra steps up-front to make sure we thoroughly understand your problem and create a well thought out approach in advance for solving it.

This enables us to avoid mistakes and overlooked issues that would delay the completion of your project and cost extra in billable hours.

We maintain a 99% fix it right the first time track record. If you are not satisfied with our technicians or the work completed, simply give us a call and we’ll refund that entire day’s work.

Total Vendor Management

We’ll fight with the hosting guys?  Why wait around for an website hosting company to call  or call you back?  Crash Course SEO provides total Vendor Management!

We work with all your Website vendors to resolve any network related issues.  What is even better…It is FREE for our Platinum clients.

Ask us about it today!

Guaranteed Certified Technicians – No Bait & Switch With Juniors 

You can rest assured that your project will be handled by our own seasoned, qualified, and courteous technical professionals.

In addition to years of hands-on experience, our technicians maintain vendor certifications in Google, Copyrighting, and Java, as well as Certified Document Imaging Architects.  We require ALL of our staff to complete ongoing training to ensure we are up-to-date on the latest technologies and solutions.

You won’t find a better qualified team of professionals anywhere else.

Offer Flat Rate Services

Our managed Services are top notch and our Clients are not “Nickel and Dimed”: We have a flat monthly price for all your wesbite and SEO needs.


We take responsibility for your website. Our team will know you and your business.


I only have nice words for this team of experienced and talented people. I am fully satisfied with final result.

Crystal Cole

Amazing experience with wonderful group of people who know their jobs well and are one of the best in the business.

Jeffrey Baker

I have only the best to say about this company. They are always on time, and always fulfill the expectations entirely.

Catherine Walker
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Performance: Working with search engines are a slow and steady race, persistance is the real winner and making sure all areas are covered from content, keywords, all the way to social media content.

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