Website Analytic

We deliver critical insights through Web Analytics for small to midsize businesses  in Portland, Oregon

Web analytic is a state of the art concept of knowing who is looking at your website. Our analysis monitor, help and excel at tuning your website allowing for more “geared in” approach to hone in your potential clients.

Our web analysis perform in-depth analysis of information from multiple data sources (web analytics data as well as external data) and provide significant insights into factors impacting online results.

Our Teachings are your best friend

We are help manage, organize, and present data in a clear, concise and actionable format. We  help establish key metrics and develop reporting and analysis using Adobe Analytics /Omniture Site Catalyst, and other A/B Testing tools but, we really love Bing and Google analytic.

We can produce daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports relating to outcomes based on the data analysis for various audiences, including management and marketing.

Our analysis teams are experts in the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) / PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies and have a  minimum of 5 year experience measuring success of SEM/PPC and SEO campaigns / efforts.

Story time for web analytic

We have a great story that we want to share with you it pertains to a small business and not understanding what Analtyic does for a website.

A company came to us one day asking to do their website and we said no problem and we asked them if they wanted us to SEO the website and install analytic while doing the build. The response was no and we followed with another question asking why and they said that they didn’t need it. We tried to explain why they did need it and why it was so important to be found online, yet they still did not care.

The build took about 9 months from beginning to end and cost roughly $27,000, I am thinking it may have been a tax write off.  After about a month of finishing the build they ended up laying people off.

Our thoughts are if a business is going under or about to and your last ditch efforts are a website then you better start getting your pages noticed and converted sales before losing everything. We are also confident enough to say that we could have brought their revenue in within a couple of months at a few thousand dollars.

Our spreadsheet at the end of the month will let you know what you should be doing to tune your website, pay per clicks and email campaigns if any.


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